Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Me and my breadmaker

This is my breadmaker Kenwood BM250......got it since I retired late 2006..have done so much and it's kindda handy to have this BM. The most wonderful thing about this BM is, it will knead, and knead and knead over and over again, until...the final product comes out....a BREAD of course!!!!
And last weekend my BM have helped me with making some sausage rolls...if without my BM, i would'nt dare to knead using my bare hands.
 Ini masa tengah proofing.....gebu
Ni dah abis maximum ni..kalau lambat sikit..akan keluar gelanggang la

This is how my end products looks like....

Sexy tak roti sausage tu........resepi nya nanti ye......hari ni kita jamu mata aja dulu!!!

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