Monday, September 12, 2011

Live Life To The Fullest......
Some people are so lucky....born with silver spoon, indeed am so very lucky. But on the other side of it, being fed with luxuries all throughout their lives are not  so good experience. There are people who are just not very "experienced" though they are already in their mid 30's. Why??? Being spoon fed by their parents. It is like the blame goes to the parents, but of course ever parents wants their children to be the best, they want their children not to be left behind in everything other children are doing...if their neighbours' children take up tae kwan do or piano lessons, they must make sure that their children will take up the same thing. It's the parent's taste bud that really matters, even though there's no interest on the children's side.
If they have lots of RM, definately, they will pamper their childen to the fullest....celebrate birthdays at Sunway Theme Park, or Hard Rock Cafe (when the child grow a bit older) their college going children luxury cars.Das Auto Volks.....or Mazda 2....or even a Mini Cooper.
Seeing to these, will the "not" so lucky child blame it to the parents, of being "not" born with silver plate or spoon? Life is unfair, as they called it....why they have everything....and we have "not" to have an easy life like them......Hold it guys.....ALLAH is merciful, knows everyting. All happen with a course, as the saying goes. But this young generations, do they think of it that way? Nope...they have the idea that again..Life is cruel.
No matter how things are with our life...always remember that, there are people out there who is  suffering so much  in their lifes..... Only turn to ALLAH, because the power of du'a is very strong, ALLAH listens to us, because that is what stated in the Holy Quran.
"Kitab Al-Quran ini, tidak ada sebarang syak padanya (tentang datangnya dari Allah dan tentang sempurnanya); ia pula menjadi petunjuk bagi orang-orang yang (hendak) bertakwa;"
(Alif Laam Miim, ayat ke2)

Hanya ALLAH yang Maha Mengetahui